15 Ideas To Decorate An Empty Wall

Even the adepts of minimalist decor will agree that decorating the wall can make all the difference in the final result of the decor. But do not think that only frames can add personality in an empty corner. We’ve put together 15 ideas that include the most diverse objects for leaving a blank wall with your face. Get Inspired!

You can hang a huge picture or several small paintings on the wall. Images can be black and white or multi-colored depending on the room style. Frames of different sizes with motivational quotes on canvas or printed illustrations will look amazing on the wall.

Now there are many amazing wall decoration ideas. You can experiment in wall design with different materials. Art pictures from wood in the form of mountains, frame with various handicrafts made from clay, paper, yarn and other, quotes on the board can look very beautiful, especially if they are made by hand. Wooden crafts perfectly decorate the walls of the house in rustic style. Branches can also decorate indoor walls. Lay out the shape of an object from branches of different lengths, paint them, and hang them on the wall. A large branch can be hung on a wall, hang lights or other decorations on it. Do you like plants and flowers? Decorate the wall with frames of plants, living succulent picture, wreaths of dry plants.

An easy and practical way to leave the decoration of a more exciting environment is to give life to the walls. In addition to using stamped colors, fabrics, and wallpapers, you can take advantage of this space to display items that tell a little about the story and the tastes of those who live in the house. The selection that we prepare next brings different inspirations to mount these unusual arrangements, that incorporate, in addition to the traditional paintings, objects that can form three-dimensional compositions. Take a walk through the proposals below let in the past the blank walls!

How about changing the face of that bland room cheaply and easily? The most practical way to do this is to decorate the wall with creative and cheerful ideas, leaving the atmosphere full of personality and with your face! It is worth hanging fun pictures, family photos, posters, embroidered plates … the possibilities are numerous!

15 Amazing Ideas For Creative Shelves

The creatively decorated bookcase not only focuses on function but also considers creating shapes, patterns, textures, and specific colors to reflect the central theme of room decor. Space can be the main focus of your interior design, especially for rooms with smaller spaces. Spend a spacious room feel by decorating a bookcase on the wall.

Open shelf models, in addition to making books and accessories visible and at hand, help decorate the rooms. This is because the shelves are also perfect places to expose travel memories and other treats, and the combination of all these elements only increases the decorative potential of the furniture.

The way books are placed in the core of the project. The bookcase can be made in many ways to represent your particular preference. The colors also play an essential role in creating an effect on the appearance of a room. The dark colors make a place look smaller. The warm and vibrant colors make a room look bigger.

The shelf is a piece of furniture that almost everyone has at home – it’s functional, it helps to organize the house, and it can also display various objects, right? But sometimes, in the eagerness to pack everything at once, we lose our hand in the shelf decoration, and the furniture looks more like a file so cluttered!

From the most modern to the vintage and Provencal, the shelf options in the market today are so many that there is undoubtedly one that will fit perfectly in your home. And decorating the furniture can be a lot of fun, adding touches to your personality.

On the shelves, you can place not only books, but also other items, such as photo frames, flowers, clocks, sculptures, figurines, souvenirs from different countries. These items, along with books, can be a great addition to the bookshelf. Create a shelf of your dreams and put everything you want on it!

Are you so looking for decorating ideas to make your shelves more contemporary? It is always a good idea to learn before you do. In this post, you will find the collection of 15 best ideas for creative shelves. Let us know which one you like best.

Bookshelf Ideas 13

15 Creative And Easy Pallet Decorating Ideas

The reuse of materials has been increasingly used to compose the decoration of environments. As a proposal for a differentiated climate, the use of pallets is a great way to recycle and decorate. To make beautiful decoration with pallets, you do not have to be an expert in joinery. The versatility and ease of handling this material are two advantages for those who want to venture into this type of decoration.

In addition to decorative items, pallets can be used to make furnitures such as a table top or bed base. Although there are several types of pallets, the most used in decoration is the wooden pallet. By having a more rustic finish, it combines with almost every decorating style and still provides balance to the decor of the environment.

However, it is possible to use this type of material to cover walls and even turn it into a panel for the room. If the environment needs a lighter finish, the pallets can be sanded and painted to provide a more modern effect.

To recycle pallets and use them in the decoration only takes creativity and a lot of inspiration. With that in mind, we have prepared several tips for you to decorate your environment with creativity and sophistication. Check out all these tips and 125 photos to get inspired:

Decoration with pallets and plants:

Balance is always the best choice to compose an environment. When the ribbon is made with pallets, the proposal must maintain the balance between the parts of the environment and the material that will be recycled. When it comes to wooden pallets, the rustic finish combines with different types of situations. But you have to be careful not to ruin the decor of space by not taking care of the recycled material.

In general, the best way to balance the touch of wood, be it with rustic or sophisticated effect, is to blend it with plants. The green bit of plants combines with wood, so pallets are commonly used as panels for vertical gardens.

This is the first proposal of what you can do with a recycled pallet. But it is possible to use it in different ways and still complement the decoration with plants. Check out our suggestions below:

Vertical garden panel;
Furniture for the garden;
Shelves for pots of plants;
Vertical garden.

Decoration with furniture made of pallets:

Another great suggestion to use pallets in your decor is to put the useful together. In this case, the use of pallets as the furniture makes helpful recycled material and pleasant for any environment. There are endless possibilities of using pallets as furniture, some of them are more complex and others much more straightforward. Here are some options and suggestions on how to do:

Shelves or panels

The pallets can be used on the wall as a panel shape for the TV or even as a bookcase for the living room. In the first case, the panel is the easiest way to use the pallet, since it can be done in two ways: modular or per board. If the group is modular, it is only necessary to fix the modules to the wall side by side. But if the board makes it, the pallet module should be undone and used board per board to compose the panel. The fastening of the two forms must be done with screws.

In the case of the shelf, the project will be more labor intensive. In this case, we recommend professional help to make the furniture.


The tables are among the most comfortable furniture to be made with pallets. Through the modules, it is possible to position them one on top of the other up to the desired height. Screws should also do fastening.

In this type of project, it is possible to include accessories such as glass for the surface of the table. The finish can be done in varnish or through colored paint. Among the models, it is possible to make a coffee table, corner, and even a dining table


To build a pallet bed, you will need several modules and screws for fixing. After measuring the size required for the bed, the pallet modules should be attached one by one, so they do not move. The finish can be done in various ways, varnish, paint, or in the rustic effect without any finishing. The design can still be complemented with a headboard and a set of lights at the base of the bed.

Pallet lining

For those who want to invest in a wall or lining of wood, the pallet is a cheap and very usual option. It is possible to combine all types of finishes with this option to be used on the wall or as a lining.

The use of the pallet on the wall is done as if it were a panel. In this case, it is possible to use the entire module or even the inserted boards one by one. If the wall is filled through the module already ready, the wall will have cracks between the woods, which will allow passing lights inside the panel. But if the panel is made with the boards, the finish will be more sophisticated and proportional.

16 Creative DIY Tree Branch Decor Ideas

Recently it has become increasingly popular to decorate public space as well as private households with natural decorations, for example using simple tree branches. In the light of this new branch decor trend, we have compiled for you a gallery of simplest, but most amazing DIY designs to help and guide you on your home improvement path!

Firstly, you can find fallen tree branches practically anywhere, in any park. However, you might want to look around a little longer to find intrinsic-looking branches, that will look like factory-made pieces of expensive decorations, but will not cost you anything!

Next, your entire branches can be decorated with lighting garlands, candles, pinecones, Christmas tree toys and so on! Keep in mind this small hack: you can color the branches into any color best suitable for the room or just the color you like the most. Additionally, you can neatly arrange them in beautiful vases, sprinkle fake snow on them or glitter and use them as table decorations!

Branches can be used as part of the decoration in and on anything! For example, you can take your old miniature table-lamp and glue branches on it and around it in an artful way. Having these simple decorations around your house will make for a cozy, warm and friendly mood and create a sense of countryside calmness.

You can use branches as a centerpiece for DIY beautiful wall art. For instance, you can organize your branches into the shape of a heart or use them to create letters and words.

If you are the more artistically-inclined person with a creative vision and love for crafts, then you can make your furniture out of nothing but wooden branches and nails. Simple, yet intricately unique chair designs, flowerpots, lamp-sets are just a Youtube tutorial video away!

Hopefully, this article for branch décor tips helped you to find a lot of inspiration for your next home improvement and decorating adventures!

30 Modern And Cozy Home Decoration Ideas

Are you thinking of conducting some minor renovations at home and in need of ideas? This article for Home Decoration Ideas can help you start today! Create the perfect bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and everything else with the tips and DIY hacks listed here!

So, let us start with the bedroom! Bedrooms can be easily decorated with beautiful paintings of the seaside or mountains or other beautiful landscapes. If art is too costly, then you can easily print out photographs and frame them! Additionally, you could arrange some flowers, real or fake, around the room to add more greenery and a sense of calmness in the room.

Next up, the living room. Apart from the furniture, the next most important thing about the place is the lights. So, if you want to improve the atmosphere around the room then, to upgrade it, you can start with changing your lamps to extravagant chandeliers, adding floor-lamps or wall-lamps. Ideally, they should be in matching style. A wooden bookshelf can make your living room look cozier. If you have not yet acquired decorative pillows for your sofas, then order or buy them now, by the way, they can differ in color, shape, size Flowers and plants with big leaves are also great pieces of decoration to the living room, as they add a touch of vivacity. Although, even clear vases, without flowers in them, can be used as temporary decorations.

Thirdly, the bathrooms! These days the best decoration for a stylish bathroom has no decorations there at all, minimalistic simplicity is the new hip trend. However, you can still liven it up, by adding big plants or small trees in there for a more harmonic feeling.

Kitchens also look better with plants, especially colorful flowers, in them. But modern kitchens are also made in pure style.

Besides, to those mentioned above, any room or part of the house can look better with less common decorations, such as wooden sculptures, etc.

We hope that this article about Home Decoration Ideas steered you on a new path in home improvement quest!

15 Cozy Knitted Decor Ideas For Home

Attention! The following article about the knitted decor is merely essential for artistic people, who are love DIY crafts and have good knitting skills! Create a cozier mood in your household just using your creativity and talent! Firstly, you can make your knitted carpet. It does not have to be big, but it will look like a creative and unusual decoration to your room especially if you mix different patterns and styles of knitting in your work.

Secondly, you can knit all kinds of soft cushions for your stools or use your work as a layer of cover for any furniture you have around the house. The advantage of knitting your covers for furniture is, perhaps, mostly in fact, that you can choose among hundreds of colors and tones for your project. Thus, your work will create an exciting contrast to the other object in the room.

If you are especially handy with knitting tools and have an abundant imagination, then you can take a step further and knit faces on the covers you made. This hack is good for the decoration of a children’s playroom as you can knit together any animal face on top of boxes with toys etc.

Another tip is to use your passion to create a handmade quilt. You can present it to all your guests, and they will surely be amazed! Handmade Knitted Décor can also be used as a decorative centerpiece on a wall. This will make any room seem rustic, have that homey countryside vibe to it, but make sure you do not exaggerate with the number of knitted pieces!

Lastly, vases, candles, and other small items can be covered in amazing woolen art, successfully turning them into original decorations. To sum up, do not waste your talent, but expand your knowledge and skills to create unusual and uncommon pieces of decoration. Hopefully, the listed hacks helped you by giving some ideas among endless possibilities!

15 Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

The living room is the second, after kitchen, most frequently used and inhabited a room in the house as well as the primary place, where to receive your guests. For these reasons it is strongly advised to invest time in a good renovation when it comes to improving the living room.

Your living room can be made better in many simple and inexpensive ways. One of the easiest hacks on how to improve the appearance of a seemingly dull and ordinary living room is to buy sticky wallpaper with a beautiful picture on it. It will work in your favor, as it will liven up and freshen up your living space.

Secondly, you can change the lamp to a fantastic chandelier, or modify the already existing one in a DIY artful manner. Whenever they are not used to light up the room, they are part of the decorations in the room.

A simple hack on how to immediately and affordably improve the mood and overall appearance of the living room is by bringing in and rearranging flowers and plants all over the place. There merely is never too much of greenery in a living room!

Hanging up colorful family pictures and portraits is another excellent idea, as it will add more character and integrity to the room. Or, if you are not comfortable with that, then just hang up pictures of nature, symbols or motivating words!

A big decorative plate with scented candles and other minuscule pieces of seasonal décor can be added on the top of the living room table to make the room feel more inviting.

Finally, if you want to upgrade the atmosphere, then you can install a small fireplace with a fake electrical burning fire inside, so any time of the year you will feel cozy, homey and safe in your living room!

The listed tips and hacks will surely help you in creating the Living Room of your dreams, so we hope this article gave you loads of inspiration!