Make Your Own Kitchen Cabinet

Having a nice and Diy Kitchen Cabinets can make people have a good mood when they are in the kitchen. But not everyone has enough money to purchase a new kitchen cabinet; if you are on a tight budget, then you can consider making a kitchen cabinet by yourself. This is known as a DIY kitchen cabinet.

There are abundant instructions of DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorials for building up kitchen cabinets on the websites. You just need to read them carefully and follow the process. You can view a lot of types of kitchen cabinets and choose a suitable one for yourself. Don’t forget to consider those cooking appliances that you use to cook frequently, and please discard those old and unused gadgets that your new cabinet will have much space. Once you make your decision, do research about which equipment to use and what materials to buy for building the kitchen cabinet.

Before you go out to purchase building materials, measure the lengths and widths which fit the space in your kitchen. You can ask any queries to the staff in the gadget store as you are buying those materials and you should learn how to use the tools properly. You may get some tips from those experienced and professional staff there.

Another thing you should bear in mind is time. It is better to leave at least two weeks for your project, but you have to be aware that any problems may delay your process accidentally. For example, you make a mistake, or you don’t like some part of the design from the on-line instructions, and you want to change it. This is to say, making your own cabinet may take much more time than you had imagined. Though it is not easy to make your own kitchen cabinet, you will get a comfortable and better workplace once you finish it.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets – Cheap Yet Effective

A clean and convenient kitchen is every woman’s dream. Many of us are thinking over a long time to remodel the existing kitchen to look elegant and futuristic, but may not know where to start. It is not rocket science to do a makeover as kitchen cabinets are here to help us. Perfect planning and organizing the needed things before starting is an important factor, along with some ideas and budget in mind.

This DIY (Do It Yourself) helps you to facelift your old kitchen and provides a new and convenient for your workplace. First, get the kitchen appliances that are available with multi-purpose usage. Discard the older and failure models and make way for new ones. This gives a new look to the kitchen with stainless steel appliances that look good and need less maintenance. Although expensive, new appliances minimize the work process and are available at discounts during festival season and off-seasons.

The cabinets can be repainted to give a new look. Old, ugly cabinets should be removed and sand off the layers with an electric sander to remove the ugly layers behind it. Also, cut some rectangular pine sticks and glue them on the outside of the cabinet door. You can see the dramatic changeover and then start repainting them. Repaint them with the new vibrant color which you’ve never used before. This scrubbing off the layers and repainting may consume some extra time, but it is worth the new and long-lasting look that brings in.

If the woods are not worth enough to be repainted or rework, then change them with inexpensive wood that is available in any store. Before cutting the wood, take the appropriate measurement to avoid any wastage. Get some plan which can give you some simple ideas to make designs on the cabinet doors. Then fix the handles and hinges which are unique to give an elegant and innovative look.
So DIY is the cheap and effective way of remodeling your kitchen into a functional and convenient place to work in.

15 Super Kitchen Island Ideas For Cooks

The kitchens with island are the dream of 10 out of 10 cooks, after all, serves to welcome friends and still bring their guests to the kitchen, without leaving aside the pleasure of cooking.

With space, any kitchen can receive an island and stay, besides practice, more beautiful and inviting.

The kitchen island definition is a central counter that serves for support and can have a space to cook with a cooktop, stove, and sink or be that space to cut the vegetables talking to friends.

It should be a space designed to bring more integration between people and practicality when it comes to cooking and receiving friends, taking into consideration the needs of users.

Central kitchen island: ideas and measures

Have you ever considered having a central kitchen island? Yes, this thought is getting higher and we came here to help you with a few things in this new project!

When that idea comes to mind, it needs to be well crafted, so it does not generate future frustrations. So we want to give you a hand with this!

Beyond dream design, we need to think in technical terms. That’s right; they are measures that we need to keep in mind so that we can build a pleasant and unrepentant environment after the project runs.

For example, did you know that the minimum recommended area for the construction of a central island is 9m²? That is, if you do not want to have a tight space, it is good to check the measurements beforehand.

We need to leave on average 70 centimeters of the distance around it so that the circulation is quiet! And also carry out the construction with at least 90 centimeters in height so that we can carry out the chores in a very comfortable way!

An essential measure is also to leave at least a 1.20m distance from the sink to the central island. We do not want to have trouble opening the cabinets, eh?

The cool of the kitchen with central island is that we can customize them according to our taste!

An excellent point also is that the island’s materials are so varied. You can go from granite to plastic resin, for example. They are very versatile!

The cuisine with island is an increasingly strong trend within Brazil, where you can give an air of novelty to her and also apply her culinary skills!

Below we have an example of a kitchen with a very used island, in which the benches are facing the kitchen, causing it to generate an interaction between the guests and with whom it is with the hand in the mass. Is not it great?

15 Amazing Organized Kitchen Pantries To Inspire You

Organizing the pantry is always a challenge. After all, so many condiments, spices, food, cans, bottles and even small appliances, such as an electric mixer, for example. Also, the pantry is a living place, which is always breathing, because of the stock changes frequently, and we ever need things by hand. So to help you, we sort out photos of super organized pantries to get you inspired. There are several organization ideas for you to apply in your own home so that everything is organized, functional, and super beautiful and well decorated.

Pots, bottles, and baskets are your best friends when it comes to organizing your pantry. The transparency of the glass of the cups, besides facilitating to find what you are looking for, also helps in the decoration, because the color of the condiments and stored foods leave the environment much more joyful.

Spices, food, cans, condiments, small appliances … Organizing the pantry and kitchen cabinets is not an easy task. A well-organized pantry can make it easier to optimize space, time and avoid waste – since you can tell which foods you already have and which ones you need to buy. So, follow these tips to organize the pantry and the cabinets of your kitchen:

Start Cleaning

First, you need to get everything out of the closets. Check the expiration dates for each food and, if it is past due, dispose of it in the trash. Enjoy to separate objects you no longer use or use less often, so you clear some spaces.

Shelves and cabinets that store grains, flour, and seeds usually attract critters like moths and small larvae. Therefore, do a general cleaning with the use of alcohol or neutral detergent – to prevent strong perfume from coming into contact with food. That should knock the pets away and leave their pantry clean. Now, let’s go to the next step:

Sort By Category

Time to put it all back in the closets is always a challenge. So our tip is to separate them by category to make your life easier when it comes to cooking, without wasting time looking for a particular seasoning or utensil. Over time, you will create the habit of keeping everything in its proper place, saving time at the time of cooking.

Here’s an excellent example of how to separate your pantry:

At the top, prefer to store lighter objects that you use less often, such as disposable dishes and cups, aluminum foil stock, and paper towels.
At the bottom, store bottles and heavier items such as bottles, oil, olive oil … So when you pick them up, you do not risk getting hurt. At your fingertips, put things from your daily use like sauces, canned goods, grains, sugar, salt, etc.

To store these foods, it is essential that they are no longer in their original packaging so that several organizer products can help you. Get to know them:

Organizers in your Favor

Some foods need to be removed from their packaging after they are opened, such as rice, beans, pasta, biscuits, sugar, etc. By putting them in airtight pots (those transparent and with lids) or glass pots with lids, you prevent those little critters from spoiling all food and increase shelf life. You can paste custom labels and note the expiration date on each of them.

Another item of an organization that can help you keep it organized is the baskets with holes. There are several options in the market, it can be plastic, colored, straw, and you can choose the one that most suits your kitchen. They will help you group smaller items, so they do not get scattered and get lost in the closets.

You can group them in:

Basket 1: Biscuits, peanuts, and saltine snacks;
Basket 2: Sweet cookies, chocolates, sweets in general;
Bucket 3: Cold sauces such as ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise;
Basket 4: Transparent: Gelatin, pudding, microwave popcorn.

Installing shelves with brackets or hooks to hang giant cutlery are also great tips for maximizing the empty wall space. Just be careful not to overload the environment.

Labels and Shelves

Leaving industrialized product labels face-up keeps you from getting one food thinking it was another. It sounds like a banal tip, but in the day-to-day hurry, we end up making those little mistakes. In addition to leaving them with easy access, they are visually more beautiful.

It is also essential to leave the newer foods behind and those with the shelf life closest to the front. That way, you do not run the risk of letting a product win. After all, throwing food out is a waste for you and your pocket. The planet is grateful.

Temperature and Food Storage

Okay, we teach you how to separate each product and household utensil, but which ones

20 Best Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas

In the modern world, there is less and less place for old-fashioned kitchen cupboards. They used to be useful for storing things, such as plates, mugs, dry food, etc, but although they were spacious, it was usually difficult to take items stored in the very back of the cupboards, where they often became forgotten. Secondly, it used to be challenging to keep them clean as well.

As a result, nowadays interior designers prefer to install in the kitchens more efficient, convenient and less space-wasting slide-in drawers, such as pictured below.

If you are planning on doing a renovation in your household, then we strongly suggest you check some of the ideas listed here, as these are not tricky DIY tasks! Also, in this article, we will point out some of the advantages of the illustrated design.

Firstly, they are perfectly comfortable for storing oils and wine bottles, plates and cups, bowls, pans, pots and everything else you need to have close-at-hand while cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. An added plus of such design is that these drawers are easy to clean as you can pull them out and wipe the surface clean!

The afore-mentioned idea can be implemented elsewhere in the house and different exciting ways! For example, you can use the same mechanism with your trash bin, so it will not have to be always in sight or in your way!

The most important advantage of the described installment is that you can build them in various shapes and sizes to use up the available space more efficiently, even if it is very limited. It is a handy invention that guarantees you will have a little more space to store your various goods in the kitchen without it looking load.

Besides, if you are planning on installing a slide-in drawer by yourself, then you can find some ideas right here on how to style it: the kind of wood and other materials to use for it! Remember, it does not have to look like the other kitchen furniture and may even stand out. Be creative!

All in all, with the given solution – a space-saving hack, your kitchen will look more stylish, modern, efficient and minimalistic. Your food, items, and supplies will be organized and always close-at-hand. We highly recommend to try out this idea in your kitchen or anywhere else in the house! Surely, you will not go back to using old cupboards or shelves ever again!

15 Kitchen Storage Ideas For Extra Space

Did you stumble on this article because you are looking for ways to improve your kitchen and create more space for your supplies without your cooking area looking like a storehouse? Then let us help you with these 15 beautiful ideas on how to create extra space for storage in your kitchen!

Firstly, look around your kitchen and see, if there is any extra space that is void. It does not matter how small it is, because rest assured, you can make it work for you! For example, if you have a tiny bit of space between your refrigerator and the wall, then here is one solution for you on how to use it for storing canned foods, spices, etc. You need wooden panels, shelves, small wheels, and nails. This simple idea will significantly improve the storage problem!

Another great way to improve the storage problem is to install a slide-in drawer in any limited available space.

On the other hand, if you have no void spaces in your kitchen, but a lot of cabinets, that are not comfortable for storing specific items, then a small renovation will help you just the same! Here you can see an uncommon, but a convenient DIY hack, for storing your pans in a cabinet without shelves.

Also, be creative with the way you use your cupboards! You can always redesign and improve them by yourself. For instance, here is a simple hack on how to divide the space with the help of thin wooden panels to keep your cutting tables and cooking forms from looking like a pile of mess.

You can also try to make your cupboard doors more useful by installing narrow shelves on them. But make sure to measure them correctly, so that they will not clash with the shelves inside the cupboard!

A handy and simple space-saving solution is storing your dry food in glass jars or plastic containers. Your cabinets, shelves, and cupboards will not ever be overloaded with unhandy packs and packages that sometimes spill the contents. Plus, this way your food will be protected continuously from insects and bacteria.

The ideas we presented to you in the given article are just a few. In reality, there are way more options on how to solve the problem of the lack of space in the kitchen. We hope we managed to navigate you to some exciting possibilities that you can apply to your kitchen!


15 Fantastic DIY Kitchen Islands For You

Are you looking for some crafty kitchen improvement ideas? This article is here to help you with some kitchen island projects that you can do by yourself!

The islands vary depending on the size and the number of drawers or shelves you need them to have. In any case, building a kitchen island by yourself will be less expensive and more suitable for your kitchen and your needs than buying one from a store. Also, you can decorate and improve it as much as you want, even after it will be already finished!

The simplest one’s demand wood, nails, a ruler and a hammer. In essence, you will be building a rectangular table, possibly with a shelf under it. To make it more functional, you can add some hangers on the side, where you can hang kitchen towels, cups or other kinds of decorations. Do not be afraid of getting creative! The island does not have to look like the rest of the kitchen, or even follow the same style: experiment with colors and decorations!

Moreover, you can make your kitchen island portable by attaching small wheel mechanism under the table legs! This way your island will never be inconveniently in your way when you are cooking or cleaning around.

If you need more space, where to store your items and the cupboards are already full, then design your kitchen island accordingly for it to have additional drawers and cabinets. You can save your pots and pans or even a trash bin in the offices below and keep smaller items, such as utensils, in the drawers above.

Make sure to choose a new counter-top for your kitchen island, as it will always be in sight for you and your family! The counter-top does not have to be wooden; you can use other materials; such as glass or granite. However wooden counter-top makes for a warmer and homey atmosphere.

In case you want to have a place where to eat without having to go to a dining room each time you can construct a more extended kitchen island so that you can situate a couple of bar stools next to it. In this case, one side of the kitchen island must have a longer counter-top protruding some way off the island edge, that can be comfortably used as a table.

Additionally, to make your kitchen island even more functional, you can build in a microwave, an oven and other essential kitchen devices in it.

To sum up, as you see, there are many different ways how to build and use your kitchen island, so plan it well and think of your needs and its functions before starting your project! Hopefully, this article gave you some insight into the variety of kitchen islands!

15 Creative Kitchen DIY Pallet Projects

Are you tired of bleakness in your kitchen? There is not enough space to store all the items that you have? Got some pallets uselessly lying around in the garage? Let your creativity run wild with these 15 amazing DIY kitchen pallet ideas!

There are just loads of ways on how you can use pallets to make your household look more rustic, exciting and unique! Here we have brought out some of the best ideas for you!

The best thing about pallets is that they can be easily subjected to remodeling, which is excellent for people who like DIY crafts and have a little bit of imagination. You can paint them over, change the size and shape, use them for various purposes, such as shelves, drawers, tables and so forth. You can easily add new features, for example, hangers any time you want!

Pictured below you can see a pallet being used in a kitchen for storing spices and sauces. See how original and convenient this idea is compared to a usual cupboard!

Pallets are very sturdy and reliable contraptions thus you can successfully use them for storing bulky objects and vegetables. Hence designing a drawer out of a pallet is another excellent and useful idea.

A snug wine rack made of a pallet will give your kitchen a more sophisticated, almost Italianate look.

The possibilities are far from over, though! If you have more than one pallet at your disposal, then you can put together even more significant pieces of essential furniture – a fancy table, for instance.

Are you in need of a small couch? Easy! Do it yourself and decorate it however you see fit using just a couple of pallets, nails, a drill, and some DIY cushions.

When it comes to pallets, there are no limits! You can build them practically into anything you need. Here is an excellent example of a modest trash bin.

Hopefully, this article was more than helpful for you and allowed you to gather ideas on how to use your pallet wisely! See just how easy it is to make improvements in your household.

15 Amazing DIY Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Hey there! Are you in the middle of doing some renovation works in your kitchen? This article will give you some ideas on how to design unique and convenient cabinets for the kitchen of your dreams!

Firstly, let us start with the old-fashioned, but not out of style cupboards. If you find them to be the most suitable for your kitchen, then check some of the best designs we picked out for you that are easy to do by yourself!

Typical cupboard usually has a door, that will hide the contents from the onlookers. If you want to keep your cupboards closed, then do it. However, you can still style the doors of the cabinets in different exciting ways, to give the kitchen a more stylish, cozy and exciting look! There are multiple hacks on how to do it using different materials. Create your simple or intricate design!

On the other hand, since you are already making some improvements in your kitchen, you can go on and change your cupboard door to a door with a glass panel, that will let you see the contents. Here we have some especially simple, yet interesting DIY ideas!

You can succeed in creating a new design without the glass doors or panels. Test your creativity skills by using different materials for your kitchen cabinets, for example, a metal net!

Besides, not all of your cabinets need to look the same. Yes, the unity in style brings a sense of order, but adding a touch of variety ultimately makes for a more exciting look! Here is a simple idea: a cabinet without a door! Such cabinets can be used to showcase some colorful decorations, maybe an interesting-looking intricately painted plate, or an exotic souvenir to name a few.

Another simple DIY hack is installing some simple wooden shelves on your kitchen wall! They will make your kitchen seem more spacious! You can keep anything you want on them, just do not let them become loaded with items or the effect will be reversed!

Lastly, if you want to make your kitchen more modern and convenient, you can find tutorials on how to install mechanisms, that will make your kitchen more efficient. Make your cabinet doors automatic!

Not a fan of steel contraptions? No problem! Here is a super simple hack on how to make your cabinet more convenient to use: a tilt-out trash bin idea. For this, you need any material that will be strong enough to hold the door, when it is tilted open. In the present case, a chain was used.

We hope this article gave you loads of inspiration on how to design your kitchen cabinets! Good luck!

10 Brilliant DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Have you been recently thinking about making some improvements in your kitchen, namely, creating your personalized countertop? Are you searching for new ideas and designs? Then this is the article for you! Here we are going to explore different approaches for DIY counter-top hacks and designs!

Recently more and more people, as well as interior designers, have grown to use natural materials for home decoration. This also applies to the kitchen counter-tops. Mainly it is either wood – which is not surprising, as wooden interior or furniture details, in general, manage to create a cozy and warm atmosphere – marble or granite.

If you feel like your current kitchen does not look inviting or warm and friendly enough, then you can boost the atmosphere significantly by making a small renovation – changing your current counter-top to a wooden one. The change in the look is immediate! The advantage of a wooden counter-top is that there are many different types, colors and shapes of wood you can choose from that will give your kitchen an even more unique look! An added plus of the presented material is that you can easily do it yourself or with a little help from a carpenter.

On the other hand, if you want to make your kitchen look somewhat more sleek, chic and stylish, then you can go for a counter-top made of granite or marble. Both are strong materials that are not easily damaged. It is easy to keep the surface clean and shiny, thus guaranteeing that your cooking area will be easy to maintain for many years to come!

Second in line would be the so-called recycled counter-top trend, which implies building a counter-top from recycled items. If you feel like experimenting a little, then this is the ultimate creativity test, as you can use practically anything as a base or filler for your counter-top. On the picture below you can see an original counter-top, which is filled with neatly arranged wine bottle corks. This is a comparatively simple idea – imagine what you could do by yourself!

However, if you prefer a more sturdy material for your counter-top, then you can think about using stainless steel or even concrete. Counter-tops from these materials will serve you for years.

We hope that this article gave you some ideas for designing your unique countertop. Do not hold yourself back from making home renovations; there are countless tutorials around the Internet to guide your steps!