12 Disposition Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

Do you have a small bathroom and finding difficulties on how to arrange it? just like the favorite saying ‘’beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’’.  DIY decorations believe what you dream you achieve, the power to your desire lies within you, your creativity is your image, that’s why we come up with 12 disposition ideas to make your small bathroom looks unique with a taste of perfection.

Arranging a small bathroom has always been a challenge to many especially when you find yourself in an apartment with a small bathroom and having a family with two or more kids. DIY is here to unleash the secret behind the use of small space to achieve greater decoration.

First and foremost, the famous used of cupboard or building of drawers against the wall on the floor has been considered to be the primary space occupier. Instead of building a cabinet and drawers all over the bathroom, innovators and critical thinkers have helped to modify the use of smaller space to keep as many items as you wish without congestion in your small bathroom.

Secondly, make shelves out of plywood since it’s thinner, lighter and strong. Divide it into different segments that suit your desire, hang it up midway against the wall. The choice is yours to place your towels, tissue papers. To make it more elegant, decorate it with flowers, picture frames. Sweater weaved baskets could also be hung on the wall, an idea for keeping toiletries since its light in weight and combines the ancient and the modern textile to give your bathroom an image of the past and present.

Create a handle on the door could be metal or wooden from inside the bathroom, to spread laundries or wet towels as shown in the pictures below. Decorate your bathroom with the spherical or squared mirror as you like, at least the height should not be more than 33 inches because of kids so that it’s easier for them to reach. Make your small bathroom a relaxing and a comfort zone.  Your choice of making your small bathroom look like heaven on earth lies in your hand.

Finally, you can as well create a shelve under your vessel sink. Have you doubted your ability to creativity?  DIY it’s about smart thinking, using limited resources to achieve a higher output. Hope after reading this article you will understand it takes a little effort to achieve greatness until we come your way again with another piece of educative article. Thank you for reading   

15 Ideas How To Decorate Your Rustic Bathroom

Do you like nature as it appears? Or do you have the desire to live in a rustic environment? DIY ideas are for you to guide you on how to make your dream come true. Below are listed ideas on how to decorate your rustic bathroom to give you that feeling of natural satisfaction whenever you glimpse at the work of your hands.

When decorating your rustic bathroom, the first thing to consider is texture; it means you need materials such as rough stones, cast iron, galvanized metal, and woods.  Such materials must be kept natural or partially polished to get a sense of nature in them.

You can use the galvanized metal to make a vessel sink, as shown in the picture below and attach from both ends wooden handles for placing a towel or other toiletries, build a wooden stand to allow the galvanized vessel sink to rest on it.

Combination of iron bars as a stand and plain wood as a carrier gives a complete flair with more prominent design elements when making shelves in your rustic bathroom. Weaving basket also gives meaning to a rustic bathroom when used for keeping dry towels; all you need to hang it up on the wall if you want to add a touch of rustic charm into your rustic bathroom.

Build shelves with thicker and darker woods, the look is fantastic when the light in the bathroom is turned on, and the thickness of the wood and the dark color absorbs the beams from the light making reflections difficult, there the romantic scene you have been clamoring for within your reach.

At least one among many most important Item in our bathroom it mirrors, you can design the edges of your mirror with plywood to give your bathroom a rustic sense of belonging, likewise beneath the mirror you can make a wooden pocket for collecting cosmetics such as perfumes, body lotions, and soup.

Making the wall of your bathroom with rough stones instead of the usual ceramics make it unique, shape the stones into different sizes or to the desired design, place them on the wall just above the bath, such stones when well-crafted can also be used on the floor in place of tiles.

Finally, something unique about the rustic bathroom, it appears to be the combination of ancient and modern facilities. It means living the past at present. Hope you find this article useful as you take the next step in the making sure your rustic bathroom is your place of desire.

17 Modern And Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Planning on remodeling your bathroom? Make it look luxurious with the following Bathroom Decoration options and ideas!

Nowadays, it is more and more popular to build spacious, bright, minimalistic bathrooms. Having a comfortable and beautiful bathroom really improves the mood and lifts the spirits each time you use it to refresh yourself, so do not hold yourself back from decorating it and making necessary improvements.

The color gamma should consist of three colors, that, preferably, are set in contrast to each other. There is one dark color, one light color and one soft tone that adds more variety and character to the room. Modern trends are seeing a shift towards a variety of marble colors.

All kinds of glass panels are slowly replacing those nostalgic old-school shower curtains. Glass walls are almost used as a decoration that aid in making the room seem airier and roomy.

Cabinets and closets full of daily essentials are being cleverly hidden, so as not to disrupt the wholesome appearance of the bathroom and its’ style.

If the size of your bathroom is considerably smaller, than pictured below, then here is a simple hack for you that needs no tutorial! Install a big mirror on the wall of your bathroom to acquire the feeling of having more space around you. Mirrors have an optical effect of prolonging and widening rooms to massive proportions.

In case you are inclined towards arts and crafts, then you can very well make good use of your talent and improve the overall atmosphere just by using your imagination. For a head start, you can print out pictures of beautiful landscapes and put them up on the walls.

Another easy DIY tip is putting up fake greenery on the walls and mirrors. Trust us; the added color will add a sense of calmness and boost your relaxation!

Are you still looking for more creative ideas? Take a good look around your bathroom and think about the lighting. Do you like the hue it gives to your room? Is it bright enough for your liking or maybe you could moderate the lights by lessening or enhancing brightness or, if possible, changing the location of your lamps? Think about it and see how you can improve the lighting by yourself.

To sum up, we hope this article about Bathroom Decoration ideas gave you more food for thought and expanded your creative thinking! Good luck with your renovations!