5 DIY Ideas For Transforming Bathroom Decorating

When it comes to redecorating the bathroom, a little creativity can save you a lot of money, and more enjoyable, with a very charming result. Following are five simple DIY ideas to turn bathroom decor saving money.

1 – Beautify the Bathroom Curtain

There is a big difference between a custom shower curtain and a basic white curtain. For customized result for less, buy a simple curtain and beautify through the DIY decoration. With fabric paint, stamping patterns with geometric figures, it is a good idea. Customize the essential bath towels too, by adding a monogram.

2 – DIY Box Shelves

The shelves do not have to be expensive; in reality, only what is needed to make these box shelves are some rustic boxes and the favorite ink color (open boxes). By attaching the boxes to the wall, the shelves offer practicality and charm to the bathroom. When hanging metal wire baskets instead, if they have a cottage result.

1. Transforming Bathroom Decorating
1. Transforming Bathroom Decorating

3 – Creative Wallpaper

The wallpaper is a solution to apply in the bathroom, both on the walls, as in the ceiling, as it transforms the environment completely. Textured wallpaper adds color and creativity. You need to choose a moisture-proof wallpaper for the bathroom. So wallpapers can keep their appearance for a long time.

2. Transforming Bathroom Decorating
2. Transforming Bathroom Decorating
3. Transforming Bathroom Decorating
3. Transforming Bathroom Decorating

4 – Making a Recycled T-Shirt

The older a T-shirt, the softer it gets. Thus, used tees turned into a recycled rag-type bathroom rug with a rubberized and knotted base is a great idea. Use a color or mix the tones, so the feet are kept dry, decorating the bathroom, and saving money as well.

5 – Sink Skirt

An easy-to-sew sink skirt will offer style and function to the bathroom. If under your sink there is nothing but a pipe, then it will be the best solution to hide the pipes under a beautiful cloth. This idea is so versatile that you can choose any fabric that suits your bathroom in color and style; you can change and wash the skirt of the sink. Choose a patterned fabric with style for maximum visual impact. The shell skirt is very easy to do! You will need only velcro, glue and fabric. You can do the sink skirt with ruffles, straight or sliding. This idea will save you money!

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