Different Types Of Farmhouse Decoration Styles

Whether you live in a farmhouse or not, there’s nothing to stop you from creating the farmhouse effect with your décor. By choosing the right furnishings, flooring, curtains, cushions, and lighting, you can create the farmhouse effect, wherever you live. Rustic chic is trendy just now, so take a look at these farmhouse décor ideas.

Pick Your Style

Opinions vary on whether you should choose a style or a period or a particular wood and stick with it or whether you can mix a whole load of different styles and periods. However, if you go with the mix and match philosophy, take care not to end up with a muddled effect.

An excellent way to start may be to pick one basic style of furniture then add different accents with lamps and curtains.

Farmhouse décor falls into the categories of Chic, Country, French, Modern, Rustic, and Urban, the main features of which are outlined below.

Chic Farmhouse

Chic Farmhouse is a little shabby and quite feminine with bulging sofas, limed oak furniture and floral or soft lacy furnishings, and bedding.

Country Farmhouse

This is probably the most traditional farmhouse décor as one immediately thinks of the countryside when thinking of farmhouses. Flagstone or wooden flooring with braided rugs and heavy wooden furniture are characteristic of clocks, signs, and artwork featuring farm animals, especially chickens, pigs, sheep, and cows.

French Farmhouse

Furniture would be a little lighter in a French farmhouse with artfully shaped legs and drawers, often mimicking antique French styles. Vintage style ceramics, stoneware, and baskets feature along with floral curtains and bedding.

Modern Farmhouse

Furniture in the Modern Farmhouse style is somewhat square and more robust than French and less rustic than Country. Metal vases and candle holders are popular ornaments, while natural fiber rugs cover the floors.

Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse décor or Vintage, as some prefer to call it, often features reclaimed materials such as wood, steel, or fabric. The flooring might feature planks and furniture the same with barn-style doors or bark effect. Bedding and cushions are often patchworked, thus continuing the theme of reusing old fabrics. Lamps and ornaments may be of beaten metal, and old farm tools can be arranged artfully or used as wall hangings.

Urban Farmhouse

Urban Farmhouse décor has a slightly industrial feel, using furniture made from reclaimed planks and wheels while lighting can be a quite stark mixture of metal and glass, and table lamps imitate those used in mines with a dull light bulb showing through a cage. The flooring might be concrete or, for more warmth, concrete effect laminate.

Whatever your taste, check out Farmhouse Décor Ideas for the best in all styles of farmhouse decor.

Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Making Your Farmhouse Furnishings

No matter what style of farmhouse décor you prefer, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of creating your farmhouse effects. I’m not suggesting that you start making furniture from scratch, although you can create designs for a tradesperson to make if you like; I’m more suggesting that you make readily available materials and personalize them. Here are a few farmhouse décor ideas to get you started.

Distressing Furniture

Firstly, find your essential piece of wooden furniture; it can be old or new, painted or not. There are two effects you can create; one with old paint showing through new and the other with wood showing through the paint.

  • Sand down the piece and wipe off the dust.
  • Paint the whole thing with the base coat color you’ve chosen.
  • For the bare wood look, when the base coat is dry, gently rub with fine sandpaper over areas which would naturally wear; knobs, handles, corners, and so on.
  • For a second color with the base coat showing through, rub candle wax over the patches where you want the base color to show and apply your second color.
  • When the second coat is dry, rub the wax off with wire wool – it doesn’t matter if you rub off some of the new paint as well – it is meant to look old.

Liming Wood

Another method of making furniture, doors, floorboards, or paneling look old is to lime it.

The wood needs to have an open grain like oak, ash, and chestnut, and the piece must be clean, dry, and free of grease.

  • Remove old paint or varnish.
  • Apply liming wax with a rag, either using a circular motion or with the grain of the wood. It might be best to experiment on an offcut of wood or in a place that won’t be very visible on the furniture.
  • Alternatively, you can apply a lime wash with a paintbrush.

If you want to make sure that the application of the wax or limewash is useful, you can brush the wood with a bronze brush to ensure the absorption of the materials.

Distressing Metal

Distressing works for metal furniture, lamps, ornaments, or anything you wish.

  • Sand down the item.
  • Use spray paint of your choice.
  • When dry “distress” by rubbing the paint off in patches with either fine sandpaper or lacquer thinner.

Farmhouse Fabrics

If you want to make cushion covers or other soft furnishings in a farmhouse style, source your base material such as hessian, sisal, jute, or linen.

Apply your design with linoleum or a woodblock.

  • Take your piece of lino or wood and draw on your design.
  • Carve out your design
  • Use a paint roller to apply fabric paint generously to the block.
  • Carefully place your block on the fabric and press down hard or roll the back with a clean roller.

Alternatively, you could use fabric markers to draw directly onto your material, or you could use fabric spray paint.

These are just a few farmhouse décor ideas for creating your farmhouse effect furnishings, but there are many other methods you can use.

Make Your Own Kitchen Cabinet

Having a nice and Diy Kitchen Cabinets can make people have a good mood when they are in the kitchen. But not everyone has enough money to purchase a new kitchen cabinet; if you are on a tight budget, then you can consider making a kitchen cabinet by yourself. This is known as a DIY kitchen cabinet.

There are abundant instructions of DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorials for building up kitchen cabinets on the websites. You just need to read them carefully and follow the process. You can view a lot of types of kitchen cabinets and choose a suitable one for yourself. Don’t forget to consider those cooking appliances that you use to cook frequently, and please discard those old and unused gadgets that your new cabinet will have much space. Once you make your decision, do research about which equipment to use and what materials to buy for building the kitchen cabinet.

Before you go out to purchase building materials, measure the lengths and widths which fit the space in your kitchen. You can ask any queries to the staff in the gadget store as you are buying those materials and you should learn how to use the tools properly. You may get some tips from those experienced and professional staff there.

Another thing you should bear in mind is time. It is better to leave at least two weeks for your project, but you have to be aware that any problems may delay your process accidentally. For example, you make a mistake, or you don’t like some part of the design from the on-line instructions, and you want to change it. This is to say, making your own cabinet may take much more time than you had imagined. Though it is not easy to make your own kitchen cabinet, you will get a comfortable and better workplace once you finish it.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets – Cheap Yet Effective

A clean and convenient kitchen is every woman’s dream. Many of us are thinking over a long time to remodel the existing kitchen to look elegant and futuristic, but may not know where to start. It is not rocket science to do a makeover as kitchen cabinets are here to help us. Perfect planning and organizing the needed things before starting is an important factor, along with some ideas and budget in mind.

This DIY (Do It Yourself) helps you to facelift your old kitchen and provides a new and convenient for your workplace. First, get the kitchen appliances that are available with multi-purpose usage. Discard the older and failure models and make way for new ones. This gives a new look to the kitchen with stainless steel appliances that look good and need less maintenance. Although expensive, new appliances minimize the work process and are available at discounts during festival season and off-seasons.

The cabinets can be repainted to give a new look. Old, ugly cabinets should be removed and sand off the layers with an electric sander to remove the ugly layers behind it. Also, cut some rectangular pine sticks and glue them on the outside of the cabinet door. You can see the dramatic changeover and then start repainting them. Repaint them with the new vibrant color which you’ve never used before. This scrubbing off the layers and repainting may consume some extra time, but it is worth the new and long-lasting look that brings in.

If the woods are not worth enough to be repainted or rework, then change them with inexpensive wood that is available in any store. Before cutting the wood, take the appropriate measurement to avoid any wastage. Get some plan which can give you some simple ideas to make designs on the cabinet doors. Then fix the handles and hinges which are unique to give an elegant and innovative look.
So DIY is the cheap and effective way of remodeling your kitchen into a functional and convenient place to work in.