DIY Drawer Organization Inspirations


In the modern world, there is less and less place for old-fashioned kitchen cupboards. They used to be useful for storing things, such as plates, mugs, dry food, etc, but although they were spacious, it was usually difficult to take items stored in the very back of the cupboards, where they often became forgotten. Secondly, it used to be challenging to keep them clean as well.

As a result, nowadays interior designers prefer to install in the kitchens more efficient, convenient and less space-wasting slide-in drawers, such as pictured below.

If you are planning on doing a renovation in your household, then we strongly suggest you check some of the ideas listed here, as these are not tricky DIY tasks! Also, in this article, we will point out some of the advantages of the illustrated design.

Firstly, they are perfectly comfortable for storing oils and wine bottles, plates and cups, bowls, pans, pots and everything else you need to have close-at-hand while cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. An added plus of such design is that these drawers are easy to clean as you can pull them out and wipe the surface clean!

The afore-mentioned idea can be implemented elsewhere in the house and different exciting ways! For example, you can use the same mechanism with your trash bin, so it will not have to be always in sight or in your way!

The most important advantage of the described installment is that you can build them in various shapes and sizes to use up the available space more efficiently, even if it is very limited. It is a handy invention that guarantees you will have a little more space to store your various goods in the kitchen without it looking load.

Besides, if you are planning on installing a slide-in drawer by yourself, then you can find some ideas right here on how to style it: the kind of wood and other materials to use for it! Remember, it does not have to look like the other kitchen furniture and may even stand out. Be creative!

All in all, with the given solution – a space-saving hack, your kitchen will look more stylish, modern, efficient and minimalistic. Your food, items, and supplies will be organized and always close-at-hand. We highly recommend to try out this idea in your kitchen or anywhere else in the house! Surely, you will not go back to using old cupboards or shelves ever again!

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