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Planning on remodeling your bathroom? Make it look luxurious with the following Bathroom Decoration options and ideas!

Nowadays, it is more and more popular to build spacious, bright, minimalistic bathrooms. Having a comfortable and beautiful bathroom really improves the mood and lifts the spirits each time you use it to refresh yourself, so do not hold yourself back from decorating it and making necessary improvements.

The color gamma should consist of three colors, that, preferably, are set in contrast to each other. There is one dark color, one light color and one soft tone that adds more variety and character to the room. Modern trends are seeing a shift towards a variety of marble colors.

All kinds of glass panels are slowly replacing those nostalgic old-school shower curtains. Glass walls are almost used as a decoration that aid in making the room seem airier and roomy.

Cabinets and closets full of daily essentials are being cleverly hidden, so as not to disrupt the wholesome appearance of the bathroom and its’ style.

If the size of your bathroom is considerably smaller, than pictured below, then here is a simple hack for you that needs no tutorial! Install a big mirror on the wall of your bathroom to acquire the feeling of having more space around you. Mirrors have an optical effect of prolonging and widening rooms to massive proportions.

In case you are inclined towards arts and crafts, then you can very well make good use of your talent and improve the overall atmosphere just by using your imagination. For a head start, you can print out pictures of beautiful landscapes and put them up on the walls.

Another easy DIY tip is putting up fake greenery on the walls and mirrors. Trust us; the added color will add a sense of calmness and boost your relaxation!

Are you still looking for more creative ideas? Take a good look around your bathroom and think about the lighting. Do you like the hue it gives to your room? Is it bright enough for your liking or maybe you could moderate the lights by lessening or enhancing brightness or, if possible, changing the location of your lamps? Think about it and see how you can improve the lighting by yourself.

To sum up, we hope this article about Bathroom Decoration ideas gave you more food for thought and expanded your creative thinking! Good luck with your renovations!

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