Branch Design Ideas


Recently it has become increasingly popular to decorate public space as well as private households with natural decorations, for example using simple tree branches. In the light of this new branch decor trend, we have compiled for you a gallery of simplest, but most amazing DIY designs to help and guide you on your home improvement path!

Firstly, you can find fallen tree branches practically anywhere, in any park. However, you might want to look around a little longer to find intrinsic-looking branches, that will look like factory-made pieces of expensive decorations, but will not cost you anything!

Next, your entire branches can be decorated with lighting garlands, candles, pinecones, Christmas tree toys and so on! Keep in mind this small hack: you can color the branches into any color best suitable for the room or just the color you like the most. Additionally, you can neatly arrange them in beautiful vases, sprinkle fake snow on them or glitter and use them as table decorations!

Branches can be used as part of the decoration in and on anything! For example, you can take your old miniature table-lamp and glue branches on it and around it in an artful way. Having these simple decorations around your house will make for a cozy, warm and friendly mood and create a sense of countryside calmness.

You can use branches as a centerpiece for DIY beautiful wall art. For instance, you can organize your branches into the shape of a heart or use them to create letters and words.

If you are the more artistically-inclined person with a creative vision and love for crafts, then you can make your furniture out of nothing but wooden branches and nails. Simple, yet intricately unique chair designs, flowerpots, lamp-sets are just a Youtube tutorial video away!

Hopefully, this article for branch décor tips helped you to find a lot of inspiration for your next home improvement and decorating adventures!

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