Bathroom Cabinet Designs



Would you like to create more space in your bathroom in an uncommon, but a hip way nonetheless? Add a touch of color and creativity? Then this article is precisely what you need to guide you on your mission!

First of all, take some time and look around your bathroom, try to locate all the void places, where you can add a shelf or install a slide-in drawer! These are the most widely used ideas to create that much-needed extra space.

Such automatic drawer can also be used for hiding a laundry basket as is shown in the picture below.

An old, needless ladder can be put to use as a piece of rustic decoration as well as a rack for shelves upon which you can store your toilet paper, dry towels and various other bathroom essentials!

Fancy some reading material while on a short trip to the bathroom, but having no place to store it? A DIY pallet solution can quickly solve your problems in a very space-saving, reasonably trendy and straightforward installation.

If you have a wardrobe with shelves, but you do not find it convenient to store items inside, then you can mount it with a mechanism, that will allow you to slide out the shelves. Check tutorial videos to help you with it. This way you will have a way easier access to all the products inside, plus your bathroom will look more modern and functional!

Some cabinets can be easily improved just by setting up narrow shelves on the side of the door that is facing inside it. There you can hide a lot of small items, such as make-up, nail polish, candles and so on, that would otherwise litter your counter-tops.

You can also take it a step further and renovate your bathroom cabinet by replacing the doors with an old window! Whatever you need to store inside, arrange it, and your bathroom will look immediately warmer and more inviting!

Even a mirror can be designed as a hiding place for a narrow cabinet to store your shampoos, toothbrushes and other daily essentials.

All in all, there are probably lots of void places, nooks, and crannies, that can be used creatively as storing places. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have more ideas on how to make bathroom improvements by yourself.

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