DIY Bathroom Design Ideas


Here is an article that could be useful for any household! We present you 15 creative DIY bathroom projects to try out right now! Quite possibly you will not even have to go to a store to acquire the necessary items to make some casual improvements in your bathroom!

First of all, here is an idea we liked: try decorating your bathroom with an old ladder. You can use it even if it is broken! It does not take a lot of space and is very useful for hanging towels. Adding little shelves on them to store toilet paper and other essentials will make it even more functional!

If you do not have a ladder lying around, but you could still use some space to hang your towels, then here is a hack for you! Attach hangers on the door of your bathroom. This way they will always be close-at-hand and dry, ready for you to use again.

Next hack is all too simple to realize. You need to attach hangers to the wall and then proceed to hang your decorative storage drawers (preferably with handles) on the wall, this way you will save some space in your bathroom.

If you are into DIY crafts, then you must be one of those people, who can find a place and purpose for practically anything usually considered useless or good for throwing away! Here is an excellent idea of how to recycle your wine bottle corks into a unique-looking bath mat.

Another great idea about recycling your old things into rustic, yet stylish decorations is shown below. Here is an old glass jar turned into a hip toothbrush holder.

If you happen to have small wooden baskets that you want to put to use, then presented below is a possible way to use them as shelves in your bathroom. You would need to paint them over with the color suitable for your bathroom and hang them on the wall! It is a simple, yet marvelous hack to make your bathroom look more rustic and romantic.

Finally, if you are looking for ways to renovate your shower floor, then with this hack you will not have to look any further! To implement the following idea, you will need decorative stones and Youtube tutorials!

Hopefully, you found this article informative and exciting as we were picking out these simple hacks to help you make small, yet simple DIY improvements in your bathroom.

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