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Hey there! Are you in the middle of doing some renovation works in your kitchen? This article will give you some ideas on how to design unique and convenient cabinets for the kitchen of your dreams!

Firstly, let us start with the old-fashioned, but not out of style cupboards. If you find them to be the most suitable for your kitchen, then check some of the best designs we picked out for you that are easy to do by yourself!

Typical cupboard usually has a door, that will hide the contents from the onlookers. If you want to keep your cupboards closed, then do it. However, you can still style the doors of the cabinets in different exciting ways, to give the kitchen a more stylish, cozy and exciting look! There are multiple hacks on how to do it using different materials. Create your simple or intricate design!

On the other hand, since you are already making some improvements in your kitchen, you can go on and change your cupboard door to a door with a glass panel, that will let you see the contents. Here we have some especially simple, yet interesting DIY ideas!

You can succeed in creating a new design without the glass doors or panels. Test your creativity skills by using different materials for your kitchen cabinets, for example, a metal net!

Besides, not all of your cabinets need to look the same. Yes, the unity in style brings a sense of order, but adding a touch of variety ultimately makes for a more exciting look! Here is a simple idea: a cabinet without a door! Such cabinets can be used to showcase some colorful decorations, maybe an interesting-looking intricately painted plate, or an exotic souvenir to name a few.

Another simple DIY hack is installing some simple wooden shelves on your kitchen wall! They will make your kitchen seem more spacious! You can keep anything you want on them, just do not let them become loaded with items or the effect will be reversed!

Lastly, if you want to make your kitchen more modern and convenient, you can find tutorials on how to install mechanisms, that will make your kitchen more efficient. Make your cabinet doors automatic!

Not a fan of steel contraptions? No problem! Here is a super simple hack on how to make your cabinet more convenient to use: a tilt-out trash bin idea. For this, you need any material that will be strong enough to hold the door, when it is tilted open. In the present case, a chain was used.

We hope this article gave you loads of inspiration on how to design your kitchen cabinets! Good luck!

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