Different Types Of Farmhouse Decoration Styles

Whether you live in a farmhouse or not, there’s nothing to stop you from creating the farmhouse effect with your décor. By choosing the right furnishings, flooring, curtains, cushions, and lighting, you can create the farmhouse effect, wherever you live. Rustic chic is trendy just now, so take a look at these farmhouse décor ideas.

Pick Your Style

Opinions vary on whether you should choose a style or a period or a particular wood and stick with it or whether you can mix a whole load of different styles and periods. However, if you go with the mix and match philosophy, take care not to end up with a muddled effect.

An excellent way to start may be to pick one basic style of furniture then add different accents with lamps and curtains.

Farmhouse décor falls into the categories of Chic, Country, French, Modern, Rustic, and Urban, the main features of which are outlined below.

Chic Farmhouse

Chic Farmhouse is a little shabby and quite feminine with bulging sofas, limed oak furniture and floral or soft lacy furnishings, and bedding.

Country Farmhouse

This is probably the most traditional farmhouse décor as one immediately thinks of the countryside when thinking of farmhouses. Flagstone or wooden flooring with braided rugs and heavy wooden furniture are characteristic of clocks, signs, and artwork featuring farm animals, especially chickens, pigs, sheep, and cows.

French Farmhouse

Furniture would be a little lighter in a French farmhouse with artfully shaped legs and drawers, often mimicking antique French styles. Vintage style ceramics, stoneware, and baskets feature along with floral curtains and bedding.

Modern Farmhouse

Furniture in the Modern Farmhouse style is somewhat square and more robust than French and less rustic than Country. Metal vases and candle holders are popular ornaments, while natural fiber rugs cover the floors.

Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse décor or Vintage, as some prefer to call it, often features reclaimed materials such as wood, steel, or fabric. The flooring might feature planks and furniture the same with barn-style doors or bark effect. Bedding and cushions are often patchworked, thus continuing the theme of reusing old fabrics. Lamps and ornaments may be of beaten metal, and old farm tools can be arranged artfully or used as wall hangings.

Urban Farmhouse

Urban Farmhouse décor has a slightly industrial feel, using furniture made from reclaimed planks and wheels while lighting can be a quite stark mixture of metal and glass, and table lamps imitate those used in mines with a dull light bulb showing through a cage. The flooring might be concrete or, for more warmth, concrete effect laminate.

Whatever your taste, check out Farmhouse Décor Ideas for the best in all styles of farmhouse decor.

Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Making Your Farmhouse Furnishings

No matter what style of farmhouse décor you prefer, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of creating your farmhouse effects. I’m not suggesting that you start making furniture from scratch, although you can create designs for a tradesperson to make if you like; I’m more suggesting that you make readily available materials and personalize them. Here are a few farmhouse décor ideas to get you started.

Distressing Furniture

Firstly, find your essential piece of wooden furniture; it can be old or new, painted or not. There are two effects you can create; one with old paint showing through new and the other with wood showing through the paint.

  • Sand down the piece and wipe off the dust.
  • Paint the whole thing with the base coat color you’ve chosen.
  • For the bare wood look, when the base coat is dry, gently rub with fine sandpaper over areas which would naturally wear; knobs, handles, corners, and so on.
  • For a second color with the base coat showing through, rub candle wax over the patches where you want the base color to show and apply your second color.
  • When the second coat is dry, rub the wax off with wire wool – it doesn’t matter if you rub off some of the new paint as well – it is meant to look old.

Liming Wood

Another method of making furniture, doors, floorboards, or paneling look old is to lime it.

The wood needs to have an open grain like oak, ash, and chestnut, and the piece must be clean, dry, and free of grease.

  • Remove old paint or varnish.
  • Apply liming wax with a rag, either using a circular motion or with the grain of the wood. It might be best to experiment on an offcut of wood or in a place that won’t be very visible on the furniture.
  • Alternatively, you can apply a lime wash with a paintbrush.

If you want to make sure that the application of the wax or limewash is useful, you can brush the wood with a bronze brush to ensure the absorption of the materials.

Distressing Metal

Distressing works for metal furniture, lamps, ornaments, or anything you wish.

  • Sand down the item.
  • Use spray paint of your choice.
  • When dry “distress” by rubbing the paint off in patches with either fine sandpaper or lacquer thinner.

Farmhouse Fabrics

If you want to make cushion covers or other soft furnishings in a farmhouse style, source your base material such as hessian, sisal, jute, or linen.

Apply your design with linoleum or a woodblock.

  • Take your piece of lino or wood and draw on your design.
  • Carve out your design
  • Use a paint roller to apply fabric paint generously to the block.
  • Carefully place your block on the fabric and press down hard or roll the back with a clean roller.

Alternatively, you could use fabric markers to draw directly onto your material, or you could use fabric spray paint.

These are just a few farmhouse décor ideas for creating your farmhouse effect furnishings, but there are many other methods you can use.

Make Your Own Kitchen Cabinet

Having a nice and Diy Kitchen Cabinets can make people have a good mood when they are in the kitchen. But not everyone has enough money to purchase a new kitchen cabinet; if you are on a tight budget, then you can consider making a kitchen cabinet by yourself. This is known as a DIY kitchen cabinet.

There are abundant instructions of DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorials for building up kitchen cabinets on the websites. You just need to read them carefully and follow the process. You can view a lot of types of kitchen cabinets and choose a suitable one for yourself. Don’t forget to consider those cooking appliances that you use to cook frequently, and please discard those old and unused gadgets that your new cabinet will have much space. Once you make your decision, do research about which equipment to use and what materials to buy for building the kitchen cabinet.

Before you go out to purchase building materials, measure the lengths and widths which fit the space in your kitchen. You can ask any queries to the staff in the gadget store as you are buying those materials and you should learn how to use the tools properly. You may get some tips from those experienced and professional staff there.

Another thing you should bear in mind is time. It is better to leave at least two weeks for your project, but you have to be aware that any problems may delay your process accidentally. For example, you make a mistake, or you don’t like some part of the design from the on-line instructions, and you want to change it. This is to say, making your own cabinet may take much more time than you had imagined. Though it is not easy to make your own kitchen cabinet, you will get a comfortable and better workplace once you finish it.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets – Cheap Yet Effective

A clean and convenient kitchen is every woman’s dream. Many of us are thinking over a long time to remodel the existing kitchen to look elegant and futuristic, but may not know where to start. It is not rocket science to do a makeover as kitchen cabinets are here to help us. Perfect planning and organizing the needed things before starting is an important factor, along with some ideas and budget in mind.

This DIY (Do It Yourself) helps you to facelift your old kitchen and provides a new and convenient for your workplace. First, get the kitchen appliances that are available with multi-purpose usage. Discard the older and failure models and make way for new ones. This gives a new look to the kitchen with stainless steel appliances that look good and need less maintenance. Although expensive, new appliances minimize the work process and are available at discounts during festival season and off-seasons.

The cabinets can be repainted to give a new look. Old, ugly cabinets should be removed and sand off the layers with an electric sander to remove the ugly layers behind it. Also, cut some rectangular pine sticks and glue them on the outside of the cabinet door. You can see the dramatic changeover and then start repainting them. Repaint them with the new vibrant color which you’ve never used before. This scrubbing off the layers and repainting may consume some extra time, but it is worth the new and long-lasting look that brings in.

If the woods are not worth enough to be repainted or rework, then change them with inexpensive wood that is available in any store. Before cutting the wood, take the appropriate measurement to avoid any wastage. Get some plan which can give you some simple ideas to make designs on the cabinet doors. Then fix the handles and hinges which are unique to give an elegant and innovative look.
So DIY is the cheap and effective way of remodeling your kitchen into a functional and convenient place to work in.

Learn How To Easily And Cheaply Decorate Your Bedroom

Decorate Your Bedroom

The bedroom of the house considered a place of refuge, the room is the place where we recompose our energies, allow ourselves to rest and prepare for a new day.

Of varying size and decoration styles, comfort is an indispensable element for the environment. The basic requirements to furnish this bedroom is to choose an imposing and comfortable bed, add comforting elements like a frame or photographs, add a beautiful curtain and, to make it even cozier, a beautiful rug.

If the physical space allows, it is possible to add a desk for the study and leisure moments, to have a panel with TV to assist in the moments of relaxation, to choose a bedside table to accommodate your belongings, leaving the space more functional, besides select a beautiful lamp, decorating and leaving the bedroom decoration more complete.

The various possibilities of styles and colors at the time of decorating surprise, depending only on the personal taste of its owner. More neutral tones ensure serenity for the environment, while vibrant tones help recharge the energy. Do you have questions on how to decorate this special space of the house?

Regardless of the style of decoration chosen, it is important to prioritize items that bring comfort and a feeling of coziness to the bedroom. Seek to print your personality in every corner and enjoy this ideal place for relaxation and recharge your energy.

Living a long time in the same house or after a change, the desire to change the look and place our identity in the environment is inevitable. Therefore, knowing easy and inexpensive tips on how to make bedroom decor is a great alternative to make the corner of the rest comfortable and with your face.

Decorating a space is not such a fast thing to do because the most interesting of this process is to combine your favorite decorative items acquired over a lifetime with furniture and walls that, when combined, reflect your personality. Want to know how to raze this task? So keep an eye on it!


The first step is to understand the size of the space to be decorated, to better enjoy what your room offers. In this logic, the colors, textures, and prints chosen to paint the walls of the environment play a crucial role.

There are a few rules at the time of choosing which walls to paint and how to create the illusion of enlarging or shrinking your dorm. Check out:

Large Bedrooms

– To make the room bigger in general, bet on light walls and ceilings in contrast to the dark floor;

– Use dark walls with a bright ceiling and floor to lengthen the bedroom;

– To create the sensation of a higher right foot, paint the floor, bottom floor, and ceiling also with light colors, leaving the sides dark.


– Coloring the background wall with a dark tone in contrast to other light faces decreases the depth of the environment;

– If the right foot of the room is too tall, abuse the dark colors to “bring it down.” Want to experience a tunnel effect? Let the darkened side walls to your room will get narrower;

More than you think, painting the walls can be an enjoyable and inspiring task when thinking about how to make room decor.

This, because there are thousands of possibilities of colors and prints that will leave your space super stylish and exclusive.

It is no news to anyone that wallpapers are a great idea in this regard, but for those who want to save money, it is possible to create patterns of drawings using common materials from your home.

Adhesive tapes, for example, are used in the construction of lines and geometric shapes that give a very modern and relaxed face to the bedroom.

Besides the geometric ones, there are other infinities of patterns that are used in illustrations of walls of houses.

The great idea is to put your pictures and picture frames on shelves, desks or corner tables, combined with other decorating items.

Books, dolls, travel souvenirs, mirrors, makeup boxes, and plant vases are excellent options to complete the empty cubicles of the room.

Another tip is to bet on different heights between the objects displayed in the dormitory. For example, smaller pieces can be stored over organizer boxes or higher stacks of books. In contrast, table lamps, candles, pots, or glass bottles balance the arrangement in space.


Decorating is a slow process, but it can be started slowly, with, for example, the elements that make up your bed.

If your room is discreet, start by betting on colorful pillows with stamped pillowcases, or sheets, throws, thighs, and duvets in bright, cheerful tones.

Carpet and Curtains

Meanwhile, the rug is the kind of indispensable piece in the room. After all, who does not like to wake up and step on a warm floor?

Just as in the case of bedding, the item can serve as a starting point for the decoration of the space. Invest in the model and fabric that most please, but without disregarding its shape, size, and stamp.

Having a rug with drawings is an excellent alternative to those who like more fun decorations but without exaggeration. While its walls and furniture were kept in a neutral climate, the piece was used as a point of light in the environment, for example.

The same goes for the curtains! As they tend to be more expensive, the idea is to invest in versatile models and colors, so you do not get lost in a mess of prints in your room.

Since the piece occupies much of the space visually, think well before you get too fancy a model because you can “get bored” in a short time, which will not be healthy for your pocket.

If you do not want to change the curtains, you already have, but still want a new look for them, bet on mobiles and lamp strings, which will surely bring new air to the room.

5 DIY Ideas For Transforming Bathroom Decorating

When it comes to redecorating the bathroom, a little creativity can save you a lot of money, and more enjoyable, with a very charming result. Following are five simple DIY ideas to turn bathroom decor saving money.

1 – Beautify the Bathroom Curtain

There is a big difference between a custom shower curtain and a basic white curtain. For customized result for less, buy a simple curtain and beautify through the DIY decoration. With fabric paint, stamping patterns with geometric figures, it is a good idea. Customize the essential bath towels too, by adding a monogram.

2 – DIY Box Shelves

The shelves do not have to be expensive; in reality, only what is needed to make these box shelves are some rustic boxes and the favorite ink color (open boxes). By attaching the boxes to the wall, the shelves offer practicality and charm to the bathroom. When hanging metal wire baskets instead, if they have a cottage result.

1. Transforming Bathroom Decorating
1. Transforming Bathroom Decorating

3 – Creative Wallpaper

The wallpaper is a solution to apply in the bathroom, both on the walls, as in the ceiling, as it transforms the environment completely. Textured wallpaper adds color and creativity. You need to choose a moisture-proof wallpaper for the bathroom. So wallpapers can keep their appearance for a long time.

2. Transforming Bathroom Decorating
2. Transforming Bathroom Decorating
3. Transforming Bathroom Decorating
3. Transforming Bathroom Decorating

4 – Making a Recycled T-Shirt

The older a T-shirt, the softer it gets. Thus, used tees turned into a recycled rag-type bathroom rug with a rubberized and knotted base is a great idea. Use a color or mix the tones, so the feet are kept dry, decorating the bathroom, and saving money as well.

5 – Sink Skirt

An easy-to-sew sink skirt will offer style and function to the bathroom. If under your sink there is nothing but a pipe, then it will be the best solution to hide the pipes under a beautiful cloth. This idea is so versatile that you can choose any fabric that suits your bathroom in color and style; you can change and wash the skirt of the sink. Choose a patterned fabric with style for maximum visual impact. The shell skirt is very easy to do! You will need only velcro, glue and fabric. You can do the sink skirt with ruffles, straight or sliding. This idea will save you money!

Inspirations For Small Kitchen Decoration

Small kitchens, Small rooms, Small rooms, today everyone is looking for alternatives in the optimization of spaces! The small kitchens, which is the subject matter of this post, catches my attention for several reasons.

Let me explain better.

The passion I have for this environment comes from a long time ago! I’ve always had a lot of good things to do in my life, especially since I accompanied my grandparents and happy relatives, laughing loudly and taking advantage of large tables in the company of loved ones, on dates not necessarily commemorative. All very simple, but with a lot of feeling. “And it makes you happy!”

Currently, kitchens have gained prestige within homes, because despite all evolution, the concept remains the same. This is the place where we gather dear people enveloped in food loaded with the energy of those who prepare them and, by savoring them, we ingest and nourish our spirit.

Therefore, whether they are large or small, kitchens are par excellence in storing, promoting, and circulating energies.

Real estate speculation – and we can even consider, the economic situation that the world lives – has made the spaces were reduced to the maximum, which, in a way, causes despair in its residents. Our kitchens are no longer the size of our grandmothers’ kitchens, for example, but they can still, under design and planning, be functional.

Also, the daily rush deconditioned the resident to cook his meal. Less use, less space directed to them!

But … although there are those who run against time, we can not disregard those who value a good home-made meal, the Master Chef, full of tenderness, love, and real food! For these few, the planned and functional kitchen as the scenery is the excellent ally in the preparation of great dishes.

And let’s face it: who has never dreamed of the kitchen that he once saw in any magazine? With the variety of finishes on the market, it is difficult to know where to start. For this, it is worth a lot of research in search of the kitchen that satisfies us.

One recommendation, if you do not know it yet, is the virtual store of me, more specifically in the category about kitchen ornaments. There is an excellent variety of products for ceramic decoration for the kitchen!

Another tip is to see the post of me, which shows inspirations with room partitions with enameled combos. All barriers there can be used in any environment of the home, including kitchens.

Well, let’s get down to business! Today the goal here is to inspire you! We have gathered, especially for you that are building or renovating, the most varied options in small kitchens as a starting point. Are you in need of that little push? You can get more!

Simple Kitchen Decoration Ideas For Farm House

The simple farm style is an exciting and cozy decorating trend that came to stay. It is becoming prevalent in apartments in large metropolises to transform an environment, leaving it more stripped down and simple based on that style. So, the kitchen is one of the most suitable pieces to receive this style of decoration.

If you’ve thought of this, but do not have enough resources, or even if you do not want to invest too much in a new complete decoration, you know that it’s not necessary a significant, high-spending transformation leaves a farm-style kitchen. The concept that turns a kitchen into a stripped-down style is straightforward, fill it with objects that have simple, natural features, just like the old farmer kitchens.

The renovation does not have to be complete, and it does not require works either, with excellent and simple ideas it is possible to decorate a kitchen with all the simplicity of the old kitchens, regardless of its current size or style. You can use a single piece of furniture, a door, a window, a sink, or a nook with objects rescued from family heirlooms, ornaments, decorations, and there is no limit to creativity. These details, usually in wood or copper, will make a difference in the decor.

A simple kitchen can be a charm, but it is essential to know how to decorate it properly so that simplicity continues in the kitchen using simple decor elements. Often recycled pieces can bring that tone of simplicity to an environment, and in the kitchen what you have most ideas with materials you never thought to use. Also, one of the benefits that this type of decoration will bring is space saving.

The best objects and ways to decorate your simple kitchen:

For simple kitchen decoration, you should focus on small details to compose the environment, to make it organized and at the same time decorated. Keep in mind that if you overdo the decor, you may end up leaving your simple kitchen too loaded and take away the warmth of the environment. If you want simple decor, think simple and do not overdo it, but just a few details that can give a new face to your dull kitchen.

15 Ideas To Decorate An Empty Wall

Even the adepts of minimalist decor will agree that decorating the wall can make all the difference in the final result of the decor. But do not think that only frames can add personality in an empty corner. We’ve put together 15 ideas that include the most diverse objects for leaving a blank wall with your face. Get Inspired!

You can hang a huge picture or several small paintings on the wall. Images can be black and white or multi-colored depending on the room style. Frames of different sizes with motivational quotes on canvas or printed illustrations will look amazing on the wall.

Now there are many amazing wall decoration ideas. You can experiment in wall design with different materials. Art pictures from wood in the form of mountains, frame with various handicrafts made from clay, paper, yarn and other, quotes on the board can look very beautiful, especially if they are made by hand. Wooden crafts perfectly decorate the walls of the house in rustic style. Branches can also decorate indoor walls. Lay out the shape of an object from branches of different lengths, paint them, and hang them on the wall. A large branch can be hung on a wall, hang lights or other decorations on it. Do you like plants and flowers? Decorate the wall with frames of plants, living succulent picture, wreaths of dry plants.

An easy and practical way to leave the decoration of a more exciting environment is to give life to the walls. In addition to using stamped colors, fabrics, and wallpapers, you can take advantage of this space to display items that tell a little about the story and the tastes of those who live in the house. The selection that we prepare next brings different inspirations to mount these unusual arrangements, that incorporate, in addition to the traditional paintings, objects that can form three-dimensional compositions. Take a walk through the proposals below let in the past the blank walls!

How about changing the face of that bland room cheaply and easily? The most practical way to do this is to decorate the wall with creative and cheerful ideas, leaving the atmosphere full of personality and with your face! It is worth hanging fun pictures, family photos, posters, embroidered plates … the possibilities are numerous!

15 Amazing Ideas For Creative Shelves

The creatively decorated bookcase not only focuses on function but also considers creating shapes, patterns, textures, and specific colors to reflect the central theme of room decor. Space can be the main focus of your interior design, especially for rooms with smaller spaces. Spend a spacious room feel by decorating a bookcase on the wall.

Open shelf models, in addition to making books and accessories visible and at hand, help decorate the rooms. This is because the shelves are also perfect places to expose travel memories and other treats, and the combination of all these elements only increases the decorative potential of the furniture.

The way books are placed in the core of the project. The bookcase can be made in many ways to represent your particular preference. The colors also play an essential role in creating an effect on the appearance of a room. The dark colors make a place look smaller. The warm and vibrant colors make a room look bigger.

The shelf is a piece of furniture that almost everyone has at home – it’s functional, it helps to organize the house, and it can also display various objects, right? But sometimes, in the eagerness to pack everything at once, we lose our hand in the shelf decoration, and the furniture looks more like a file so cluttered!

From the most modern to the vintage and Provencal, the shelf options in the market today are so many that there is undoubtedly one that will fit perfectly in your home. And decorating the furniture can be a lot of fun, adding touches to your personality.

On the shelves, you can place not only books, but also other items, such as photo frames, flowers, clocks, sculptures, figurines, souvenirs from different countries. These items, along with books, can be a great addition to the bookshelf. Create a shelf of your dreams and put everything you want on it!

Are you so looking for decorating ideas to make your shelves more contemporary? It is always a good idea to learn before you do. In this post, you will find the collection of 15 best ideas for creative shelves. Let us know which one you like best.

Bookshelf Ideas 13